One Day At New Zealand Farm

Sprawling farms, green landscapes, hordes of sheep and cattle grazing through endless pastures, fiery ostrich wandering, this was what I witnessed when I traveled interiors of New Zealand.

Me at at New Zealand farm
Me at New Zealand farm

Instinctively, I decided to experience farm life of New Zealand. When I enquired about the possibility of visiting and being a part of farm life, I was delighted to know that New Zealanders had already gauged the business potential in organizing farm tours. So, there I was, in front of my new found friends, you got that right.

Me amongst my new found friends
Me amongst my new found friends at farm in New Zealand

I walked alongside ostriches who seemed shy to mingle with me, unlike other cattle who were friends with me, instantly. After caressing and conversing to my lovely friends. I went inside and watched sheep shearing, a specialised skill done manually. Also, got to know the essentials of high quality wool and how to recognize the different textures of wool.

Sheep sheering at farm in New Zealand
Sheep sheering at farm in New Zealand

New Zealand has maintained high standards in farming which have led to impressive growth and profits in farming ventures. It is said, in New Zealand farming happens to be more profitable than manufacturing. The fact is that Innovation and technology have played  important role in keeping New Zealand’s farm produce competitive. Right from high quality merino wool to refrigerated dairy and meat products, major part of New Zealand’s farm produce is exported.

By the time my woollen session ended, it was afternoon and also cattle feeding time. I was offered the opportunity to feed cattle which I grabbed happily.

Enjoying at farm in New Zealand
Enjoying with cattle friends at farm in New Zealand

That was a moment of joy for me. I relished feeding cattle and they too seemed like enjoying my company. That one day at New Zealand farm, I will always cherish.


  1. those llamas and alapacas look so cute! I just want to hug the mall at once! I’m sorry, but I just looooooove animals haha 🙂 I’m sure you had a great time, you seem so happy in the pics!

  2. That looks like so much fun though I have heard that Ostriches are mean little buggers! I can honestly say I have ever seen Sheep Shearing in person so that would be fun for me to experience!

  3. What a cool thing to do ! My grandparents used to have a farm and I was spending my holidays there each year so for me it would be like going back to my childhood (minus the alpacas – btw your main picture is everything!). I think it would be especially interesting for families with kids, just to show them the real life. I’m glad you enjoyed your day!

  4. Wow what an experience of a lifetime you have here. I would love to visit New Zealand one day and experience the same adventure. I have seen tons of videos and series about how beautiful this country is, How does it feel to see the cattle doing sheep sheering? aw that’s kinda creepy I guess.

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