My Heli Ride To Grand Canyon

While being in Las Vegas, USA, one thing on my must to do list, had been exploring Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world. I set my mind on heli tour as I had heard that aerial panorama of Grand Canyon looks superb when seen from helicopter.

In the morning I was picked up from my hotel. Then scenic one hour drive to outskirts of Las Vegas to board the flight to Grand Canyon. By the time I checked in at the airport I got the news of flight delay. I found out that flights take off depend on the weather condition. In excessively windy or rough weather, flights get delayed and sometimes get cancelled, too. I had to wait for more than two hours before my flight was announced.  Long wait was not a problem for me as long as my tour did not get cancelled.

I was all excited at flying deep in buttressing rock pillars of Grand Canyon walls. Then the thrill began over the informative commentary on sights en route. To provide best and closest view of Grand Canyon, pilot would make a descend in the depth of Canyon over Colorado river. And flying past the interesting rock formations in bright red color. Then a sudden lift in flight and soaring, I must say pilot excelled in manoeuvring the lifts and turns.

There was a landing at west rim of Grand Canyon to let passengers explore the rocks. Had limited time so I did not let a single moment waste and did some running to reach a farther point. While standing at top and looking around sweeping vistas of Grand Canyon, I felt a sense of achievement.

I saw few native Americans who dwell in Grand Canyon area that makes up the Grand Canyon National Park. This is believed that rock formations of Grand Canyon are well preserved. And very important, geologically, as may contain early signs of geological history of North American continent.

Aerial view of Hoover dam

Top view of Hoover dam and lake mead, en route Grand Canyon, was amazing. Hoover dam is considered a historic landmark of USA. Constructed over Colorado river, Hoover dam is counted among top construction achievements of twentieth century.

I must say that heli ride to Grand Canyon proved to be one adventurous ride, for me. At one point I was so close to a Canyon wall that I could have touched it, almost.


  1. This must have been such an awesome experience. Bet it was a little scary too?! I took a flight over the Nazca Lines a few months ago which was awesome, but not for the faint-hearted!
    I was actually just as interested to read that you flew over the Hoover Dam, as I work in hydropower and have been to visit a few hydropower dams around the world. It must’ve looked spectacular from above.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. My husband and I just decided that we are going to go to the Grand Canyon later this year. I don’t think we’ll be able to go on a heli ride because we’ll have a baby with us, but after seeing your pictures I am jealous of the view you got!! Looks like an amazing experience

  3. Wow that view is nice. I’ve visited Las Vegas a couple of years ago and it totally escaped my mind to go see the Grand Canyon. But it’s definitely on my list.

  4. I must say that is one fantastic photo of the Grand Canyon. I will definitely do the Heli tour since the views are that amazing! Can you please share the details of the heli-tour company? I will contact them when I visit.

  5. Well Grand Canyon is in every travellers must-do list. I am so excited to read about this since I know sometime in life I will surely experience this. Am glad you mentioned everything right from the hotel pick up to the flight delay, which gives us all an heads-up on what to expect during the heli ride. I can only imagine the excitement when the pilot descended in the depth of the rocks and lifted again, must have been such an unforgetful experience. Also I now know that the much talked about Hoover Dam is on Colorado river, you just improved my Gk 🙂

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