Love Birds-My Antarctica Odyssey

Love is a beautiful feel of heart that influences all, human and non-human, on this planet.

Love language is universal. Expressiveness of love may be different. Intensity of love may be different, too. Then, there are many love words and love gestures to show the feel of love. We may not understand all love words due to the language barrier. But we grasp fully the expression of love and know that human expression of love, as man & woman, is pretty with all tender gestures.

Wooing for love
Wooing for love

If I say that there is non-human expression of love which is equally pretty. So you are curious, now. And perhaps you have guessed right. I am talking of penguin love as I observed closely in continent Antarctica.

Penguin lovers
Lovers forever

Penguins are true love birds, though this term is frequently used for human lovers. Penguins are intensely in love. With all the cajoling they do with a delicate lip kiss. Penguins’ romance is very sweet. I saw joy and sense of fulfilment in their love gestures.

Love Birds-My Antarctica Odyssey:24

Penguins carrying beautiful stones
Carrying stones

Male penguins gift uniquely to please their beloved ones. They present beautiful stones to their female partners. Lot of anxious moments for them wishing that their lovers really like their gifts. And they travel long distances to collect best stones.

Penguin couple
Love couple

Penguins are faithful. Once chosen, they remain committed to their partners. Studies on penguins tell that most of penguins are for monogamy, having same partner year after year.

Penguin parents
Penguins colony
Penguins colony

Penguin couples share responsibilities. They take turns in hatching and feeding their chicks. They have strong community system. They live in colonies, they chat and they shout, too, to show their anguish.


Penguin lives I saw much on the pattern of us as humans. But while summing up, I do say that penguins’ love and their value system have lot to inspire even humans.



  1. ANTARCTICA…Seriously, I can’t believe how lucky you you are to have traveled there. I didn’t even know people were capable of traveling there. Very jealous. But that’s beside the point. I love the comparison in the article between penguins and humans. It is so true that we could learn so much from how they work together. Animals have figured it out but we are still learning.

    • After watching their story I delved in research on Penguins and than I knew that all I saw was indeed the reality of faithful love.

  2. I just love penguins. Not only are they cute and I love their walk, but they are all you have listed in this blog. Faithful, loving and dare I say, smarter than humans in their love.

  3. Oh how beautiful are your photos! You’ve done some incredible things and seen some amazing places! I love seeing love blossoming in the animal../bird world! I also love that the penguins mate for life, so cute!

  4. You’ve done some incredible things and seen some amazing places! you are def so blessed!! It’s amazing how beautiful that place is

  5. What an amazing trip and sights! It’s incredible how loving penguins really are, sharing responsibilities and being monogamous. I can’t wait to see your next trip!

  6. I love penguins and reading about their love life and parenting brought a smile on my face. How stunning are these pictures? You’ve done a good job, thumbs up to you!

  7. I love your blog! You always do inspiring and cool activities. It’s funny to know that penguins share responsibilities. Some people could really learn from them 😉

  8. One of the best experience on travelling is to capture moments like this. Indeed, Love is so broad that can be express in many ways. I love great photos on this and i can say you enjoy this one so much.

  9. Wow.! you got a chance to travel to Antarctica, and capture those little cute lovely creatures. I just love penguins. All the pics are so beautiful and awesome. Have heard a lot about them and seen them on discovery channel, but seeing them on front of you would have been such a great experience. You post is really amazing, never thought of their love in this way, a new way to look at them.

  10. woah! you went to Antartica, that’s awesome. The place looks amazing, and those penguins are adorable. How was the trip there? Is there anything special, we should know, before visiting? You should definitely write a blog on the whole trip to Antartica.

  11. I love the pictures of Love Birds. I’ve never seen any penguin in real life. I would love to visit there if I got s Chance. Thanks!

  12. I’ve read about, loved and dreamed of watching/seeing penguins for a long-time. But I’ve always wondered if Antarctica is habitable, how humans survive they, how they get there a d what they do a part from ‘penguins’. Im seriously thrilled at reading about your trip and by the magical photos you shared.

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