Czech Folklore Over Unlimited Wine

A rustic atmosphere with traditional Czech folklore and unlimited wine, what else anyone may want?

That was my unforgettable experience I had in Czech Republic, amongst wonderful ensemble of dancers and musicians dressed in traditional attire. As a welcome drink I was served with a cup of mead, the old bohemian sweet liquor, made from honey. As a mark of respect, performers handed over different country flags to their respective countrymen/countrywomen.

Terrific Czech performances
Terrific Czech performances

Performers entertained the spectators, for two and half hours, with their witty performances. Amongst audience there were Indians, Americans, British, Israelis, Russians and few spectators from Czech Republic. Performers even encouraged audience to take active part in learning Czech songs, dances and games. I also tried  to pick few Czech song lines.

Singer Carolina singing in various languages
Brilliant Carolina sang in various languages

Singer Carolina’s voice was terrific. She sang in many languages, but she could not sing in Hindi.  And to everyone’s amazement, an Israeli gentleman got onto the stage and started singing in hindi ‘Mera joota hai japani….’. Indians were more than pleased and appreciative of this sweet gesture.

Fun did not end here. Over the entire stage performance wine, red & white both, were served freely to the extent that one had to say ‘no’. Other than wine, beer and soft drinks were also served unlimited along with light snack that consisted special local bread and garlic chutney.

Then there was a dinner interval. Many Czech delicacies were served and I heard people saying fish curry was very delicious. I was served vegetarian version of the meal, which my Indian palate did not relish much. Of course, I liked roasted potatoes.

So, that was my evening full of fun and laughter. May be I had not understood the Czech singing  fully but, certainly, my heart felt the spirit behind it.


  1. I love travelling because it enables me to be part of other people’s lives. I get to see different artworks, eat different foods, listen to new music and meet with tons of different people. It’s good to know you had some laughter and fun; they are needed once in a while.

  2. Czech songs and dances are totally alien to me but from the sound of it, both of them are pretty cool. It would be awesome to attend an event like this where you could immerse yourself in another culture.

  3. wow looks like you had a wonderful time…we also witnessed a pretty local performance with dinner when we went to Greece where the singer sang in many languages!

  4. Czech songs are always a part of my family reunion’s playlist since my mom’s side of the family is from this Eastern Europe country. I used to hate them when I was a kid (it was always played over and over) but I appreciated them now.

  5. I don’t know much about unlimited wine because I don’t drink but the thought of a rustic atmosphere with traditional Czech folklore would surely sound fun and interesting to me. This is such an interesting post!

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