Penguin World-My Antarctica Odyssey

Penguins on the island. Penguins on the shore. Penguins on the rock. Penguins on the snow. Penguins everywhere. Telling me loudly, “this is Antarctica, the penguin world. Human is just a guest here”

My another zodiac landing in afternoon. Another Island and more Penguins. This was my visit to Cuverville Island, home to thousands of beautiful Gentoo penguins.

Zodiac landing at Coverville Island
Zodiac landing at Coverville Island

Gentoo penguin is one of the four penguin species that breed in Antarctica. With white spot on the head and colourful orange beak, Gentoo penguins are very distinct from other penguins.

Cuverville Island is a rocky island with beautiful vistas. Penguins occupying higher rocks looked like part of beautiful landscape painting. I went on hiking along with group members. Few viewpoints had been set from different angles enabling to observe penguins closely and to enjoy island scenery. Thankfully it was clear weather so everyone enjoyed a lot. Even penguins were delighted at good weather as storms and heavy snowfall proves deadly for their eggs and chicks.

Penguins on rocks
Penguins on rocks

Though penguins live major part of their lives at sea, but they breed on sea ice or on rocks at higher elevation, or on land attached to Antarctica islands.

Except Emperor penguins, all Antarctic penguins breed in summer. And that is the major factor that penguins in large numbers are visible to travelers.

I hiked to all set points for penguin viewing. Spent lot of time observing their movements. Lovingly watched them strutting through snow. They were little shy of humans. Instead of mingling they were absolutely clear that nothing can distract them from the warmth of their own world.

Penguins strutting through snow
Penguins strutting through snow

Early evening. Time to be back on ship. Wonderful day with lovely penguins. Once on ship, announcement to gather in lounge for the recap of the day. Quickly I changed into casuals and rushed to lounge as I was craving for evening tea with cookies. While listening to recap points, I sipped my hot tea. Felt good. Refreshed. But everyone was not into tea or coffee. They were into alcoholic drinks to refresh them. And good part was hot drinks and bar, all indulgences were placed in lounge itself. So everyone enjoyed drink while listening to speakers.

Evening recap on board
Evening recap on board

To celebrate first day of landings, happy hour was declared at bar. That didn’t mean free drinks. But discounted, of course.

Next day and lot more to be experienced..



  1. Wow it must have been freezing. I am from a tropical island in the Caribbean where it is always warm. I hope I can get to visit Antarctica one day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow!!!! I am so happy for you that you were blessed with this super AMAZING experience!!!!! This looks like the trip of a lifetime!!! I love all your photographs!

  3. I would totally love to do this! Back when I’d never lived anywhere cold, I don’t think I could have seen myself going into Penguin World 🙂 But now that I’ve lived in Minnesota where it easily gets to -20F in the winters…I’m way better equipped to go on cold region explorations! This looks like a ton of fun!

  4. You are so blessed to be there and there you had such a beautiful view! I’m amazed of how great God is ! Nature is beautiful 🙂

  5. I bet it was freezing out there! You are so lucky. It’s like my dream to see penguins outside of zoo lol. I’m glad you experience it and I believe you had great time.

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