My Memorable Hug

Walking leisurely through the narrow lanes of Galle Fort, the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka, I stumbled upon a sight that brightened my eyes. I was up close a python more than 10 ft tall. Sat in middle of lane gazing at his stout shining body. Onlookers were amused seeing me in such funny posture but could not make out what was happening. I went closer to have another feel of him. Grinned while murmuring, “my new adorable friend” and wished to hold and hug him fondly. But he was so huge. Caretaker saw my anxiety and assured me not to worry because phython is a nonvenomous species of snakes. Well I knew so! But I also knew how python can devour whole body of a mammal !!!
Gazing python squatted in middle of lane
Having closer look at python
My memorable hug to adorable friend
Should I be brave enough to hug python? Or should I be thoughtful that my thin body may be swallowed and relished by giant python? But I discarded my negative thought and told myself that I have called him my friend so why to fear. Vibes of friendship will transmit between us creating a bond of friendship.
And that happened, indeed. Passers by looked at me holding their breath. I  caressed his body affectionately. Spent lot of time adoring my friend. And left Galle Fort with my memorable hug to cherish forever.
Galle city is situated on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. Around  Immensely popular worldwide for its Galle Fort. The fortified city founded by Portuguese in 16th century and further expanded expanded by the Dutch. Walking through the city I felt like walking in any European city with splendid architecture. Inner circle is car free. With option to either hire tuk tuk or explore walking. And me a hard core walker chose the second option and spent day admiring the beautiful city. Its heritage and chiseled beaches. Sharing few photographs of amazing Galle Fort.
Galle Fort outer view
Me entering the fort through one gate.
Inside fort view
Splendid architecture
Beach view from fort wall
Having little fun
Galle Fort can be a day trip from Colombo or you can spend few days to soak in its exquisite beauty. There are multiple modes of transport from Colombo. I preferred  road journey which ran across scenic coastal delighting me with panoramic vistas.


  1. That must have been a thrilling experience and you look like you had so much fun! Galle Fort seems like an awesome place, you managed to get some stunning shots.Thanks for sharing this experience with us!

  2. Wow that is certainly a memorable hug indeed, you are really brave to get so close to the python but it must of been an incredible experience.

  3. I have always loved snakes so I probably would have given him a squeeze too! I held one that was almost as long and just as thick when I was about 12 🙂 I’ve had snakes as pets on and off for my whole life! Sounds like a great visit!

  4. I am in love with the picturesque beauty of this place.. But, I can’t trust my eyes to see you holding such a huge python !!! 😱😱 It is needless to mention that you are a such a lion hearted person.

  5. I love your adventures, Indu! And thanks for sharing with us your inner dialogue with your new adorable friend. I would be having the same thoughts. Relieved to hear there was a care taker and that you didn’t meet this lil guy in the way of.😳 All in a days work for an amazing jet setter! Glad to see you even got to dip your toes in the water 😉👍🏼 Xo,Evelyn.🦋

  6. You’re so brave to hold python in your hand and I bet it must be an exhilarating experience to cherish for the lifetime. Also, the Galle Fort architecture looks splendid!

  7. Indeed a memorable hug, you are a brave woman! You look amazing in all the pictures, including the one holding the python…just wow. Galle city is a nice place, and the Galle Fort looks amazing.

  8. Stopped by to see what was new – as always, no disappointments. This is truly tremendous. I would never have touched it – haha. You are a brave and adventurous woman. Love hearing about your travels!!

  9. I am not surprised because I love snakes too. I personally feel they only bite when they feel we are about to harm them. What I am glad about is you clicked those mesmerizing pictures with that cute python. It is lovely.

  10. Such a nice place to visit and it looks like you are having a great time exploring this place plus having a chance to hug that python.

  11. I never really thought about going to Sri Lanka before, it looks beautiful though. May need to add it to my want to do list.

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