Jumbo Elephants Of Africa

Jumbo elephants make African landscape picture perfect. I saw them huddle as family. I saw them in groups. I saw their grace when they walk. Whenever and wherever they appeared their aesthetic presence dominated the topography of Masai Mara in Kenya.

When I visited world famous Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya I was so delighted seeing many jumbo elephants during my game drives in Masai Mara. Sheer size of African elephants makes them iconic figure of the continent. African elephants are cheered as mascots, too. I saw their captivating figures on souvenirs when I traveled to Kenya.

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Elephants of Kenya are fabulous. They hold cultural significance and respected hugely by locals, besides offering great tourism prospects in the region. And they play significant role in local economy.

But Masai Mara elephants are continuously threatened because of habitat loss and ivory poaching in the area. There are many times human elephant conflicts, too, that results in elephants getting killed each year and many more wounded. To protect elephants from such dangers few elephant conservation projects are working in Mara by engaging people in partnership. With the sole purpose of monitoring elephants such projects are highly effective and appreciated.

Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya has recorded healthy yearly growth of elephants. As per the statistics of World Wide Fund the population of elephants in Masai Mara has tripled in last couple of years. Though poaching still remains a huge threat but this is heartening to see that jumbo elephants are flourishing in Masai Mara reserve. Government efforts in carrying anti poaching programs are showing positive results.

Hope you enjoyed jumbo pics captured by me in Masai Mara, as much as I relished clicking these.


  1. Elephants are such beautiful and magical creatures. It’s dreadful what is happening to them and their world. Beautiful photographs and informative post!

  2. What an amazing experience, to see jumbo elephants in the wild in Africa! This is actually how we should all see elephants, and not in zoos or ridden by people in some of the Asian countries. Elephants are gorgeous creatures, so smart and beautiful. We should respect them!

  3. Aren’t they just the most majestically, beautiful, soulful creatures ever. We stay in South Africa so we’re very fortunate to see them in the wilds on a regular bases. I can sit at a watering hole forever and watch their antics, especially the little one

  4. loved the pictures you took of the Masai Mara elephants – beautiful creatures indeed 🙂 they are without any doubt a great symbol to represent the cultural significance of Kenya.

  5. Elephants are such amazing animals, it is a shame that they are still threatened by human stupidity, even in their natural habitat!.These kinds of things make me so angry and upset with in-humans race! Your pics look great!

  6. I cannot imagine seeing these amazing animals in person. And in there natural home! Your photos are lovely. What an experience! I am so saddened that there is no surefire way to protect these animals. I suppose just making everyone so aware of the problems they face. Poachers and loss of land. Loved this post!

  7. What an absolutely amazing experience! I love your photo’s and learning about your adventure. It must have been incredible! I’d love to see elephants in a natural habitate one day.

  8. I’m hoping that protection continues for these elephants. Sadly, I recently read a headline that stopped me cold. One about Trump wanting to reverse the ban on elephant trophy shipments to other countries. That would cause drastic issues to their health.

  9. I’ve seen elephants at Zoo Atlanta (which does a lot for conservation), but I’d love to see them in their natural habitat. They’re such beautiful creatures and I hope more is done to protect them,

  10. What a great experience! I would love to go here one day with my boyfriend because he lived in Africa for 15 years and he says it was the best time of his life!

  11. What an amazing opportunity to see them in their natural habitats or as close to it as they can be since they are on a Reserve. To be able to see these gentle, intelligent creatures roaming.

  12. What a great experience that must have been! I love your photos, they remind me of the feeling I had when I read Joy Adamson’s books. Africa is such a magical place full of rare gems of species and awe-inspiring places. I hope humanity will wake up and make every effort to preserve such territories all over the world!

  13. Coming from the Nilgiris myself, I love watching elephants. In the place where we live, we still can get to see elephants i groups of 50 to 100 at a go. Though it is scary, elephants are always cool to watch

  14. They are such beautiful creatures! I’ve never seen one up close, only at a zoo, but they are beyond amazing to see in real life.

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