Mystique Of Blue Mountains

The tale of my thrilling trip to iconic Greater Blue Mountains, the world heritage site in New South Wales, Australia.

I hired cab from Sydney. On the way visited a scenic village. Had my breakfast in the village cafe and got some local delicacy packed.

My cab took the Great Western Highway to Katoomba and reached Echo Point famous for stunning vistas of Three Sisters.

Three Sisters not humans, really. Its a spectacular viewpoint with three pointed rocks. An unusual rock formation with a legend attached to it.

It is said that three sisters of Katoomba tribe were in love with three brothers of Nepean tribe. But three sisters were forbidden from marrying those three brothers. That ensued a tribal feud. Three sisters’ lives were in danger so they were turned into stones by a witch doctor. Doctor was supposed to reverse the spell of magic once feud was over. In the meantime that witch doctor got killed. Thus, three beautiful sisters remained as three beautiful rocks, named as Three Sisters.

Me posing with a sculpture at Blue Mountains
Me posing with a sculpture at Blue Mountains

After hearing the overwhelming story of Three Sisters I entered Greater Blue Mountains. Echo Point was my starting point for my walk to Scenic World in Blue Mountains.

Enormous birds and reptiles. Rainforest with gushing streams. And roaring waterfalls. Exploring the wilderness and lush forests enthralled the adventurer in me.

Blue Mountains region is very popular for bushwalking. Being a possessed walker I opted for several walking trails. Furthermore, the Mystique of Blue Mountains induced me to walk more. And I kept walking, exploring.

Blue Mountains area is home to numerous species of Eucalyptus and rare plants. I felt the aroma everywhere.

If you happen to be at Blue Mountains, you must opt for walk. Strenuous walk. Leisure walk. Evolution walk. Heritage walk. Plenty of choices suiting every walker. Just keep in mind the unpredictable weather of Blue Mountains. Take along waterproof jacket.


  1. That’s a gorgeous sculpture. I love to walk and discover. It sounds like there was a new thing to examine around every corner.

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely time at the Blue Mountains. I like that there are many walks to suit everyone and it looks like a stunning place visually to visit!

  3. I would definitely enjoy my walks up there. The place does look like it’s going to give you a soothing aroma. Overall, great place that I’d like to visit soon!

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