Sole Goal Accomplished-My Antarctica Odyssey

Exploration in Antarctica is not just geographical, I experienced inner exploration as well. Antarctica was an experience of love and lyrics for me. My heart was filled with emotions. I felt like writing poems.

Tranquil nature. Unparalleled beauty. Unique wildlife. Polar experience. Every bit of Antarctica nourished my senses and my soul.

Continent Antarctica is as close to purity as one can imagine on our planet earth. I was in absolute peace being in serene surroundings of Antarctica. I was in admiration watching midnight sun far in horizon. And I treasure all moments in my heart.

I appreciatively glanced around, one last time, the continent Antarctica. Where many explorations and many scientific researches have taken place since ancient times.

My emotional goodbye to Antarctica

As my ship entered Drake Passage, apprehensions took over. Now ship was sailing in roughest and windiest ocean in whole world.  But miraculously no wind. Seas were calm like lake. Absolutely no shake in Drake. Such stillness is rarely experienced in Drake Passage. Everyone on board was so delighted.

Informative session
Informative session

There were many educational sessions, again, covering wildlife and earlier expeditions carried out  by explorers in continent Antarctica. As usual, all sessions were arranged in lounge.

With no wake up call next morning, I slept till breakfast announcement was made.

Students' group presentation
Students group presentation
Farewell champagne
Farewell champagne

There were few presentations by students group from different universities of USA. They had done research on different topics concerning continent Antarctica. They invited all travelers to attend their sessions. Almost everyone on board attended their sessions.

Then came the announcement to return rubber shoes as were issued to all for shore explorations. Further settling of accounts happened.

And then a farewell champagne over endless stories of Antarctica.

Me having fun deck
Me having fun on deck

Later I spent some time loitering on deck. Though it was quite windy weather outside but very pleasant, too.

My Antarctica odyssey had been a fulfilling experience which I have shared with all of you, through my pictorial tales.

Antarctica is the only continent on earth where all nations work in harmony under Antarctica treaty. If such unity is witnessed in other six continents, also, then our world would be the heaven on earth.

This was my visit to 7th continent that culminated in continent Antarctica. Thus my sole goal of life, traveling to seven continents, accomplished.

I pay my gratitude to God for bestowing me with unshakable resolve that made me achieve my goal.

My Antarctica odyssey was special to me for two reasons.
Most important one was that Antarctica was my 7th continent I traveled. And I was exuberant that I had visited all continents on earth. Second reason was that while being in Antarctica I was in South Pole region. Thus enjoyed fully my polar experiences, too.

In continent Antarctica weather is extremely unpredictable. Snowstorm to sunny sky to chilly winds all happens in minutes. Get in polar clothing, that means polar jacket with additional inner warmers and polar pants with warm inner lining when you go out of ship on zodiac excursion. Do not get tempted to stylish dressing. That part you keep for your on board fun. Once you step out in open your reliance has to be on polar clothing only. And not to forget polar boots, too. Without special rubber boots you can not even step on shore.

Continent Antarctica does not give you second chance. Be attentive. Follow all instructions of crew carefully, else you will put your expedition in jeopardy. Also carry all general medications with you after consulting to your doctor. Must include medicines for nausea and stomach sickness. You will need these while crossing hostile Drake Passage. Though every expedition ship has medical facility on board but use it in emergency only as very pricey.

And lastly I say, “Continent Antarctica is all about exploration. Travel to Antarctica as an explorer, as I did.”


  1. Aww it has been so fun following you on this adventure and I am glad it gave you such a wonderful feeling and a feeling of peace. It looks incredible and I think you are so brave to have done all the exploring you have!

  2. Simply amazing. As cold as this place is, I really dream of exploring this whole continent, I know I’ll see snow all the time but there’s an unseen glory and feeling that can be rivaled by any other place on Earth.

  3. Wow, this Odyssey is indeed an achievement and feat. I’m not sure if I will ever dare to do it, give yourself a pat on the back for experiencing and recording to this!

  4. This is truly a blessing that you got to do. I would have never thought of exploring Antartica in my wildest dreams but this was a dream. It was actually very interesting to see another part of the world that was not your typical tropical place. Keep rocking it you are doing big things!!

  5. what an amazing experience that must have been! I have never been to Antartica, but that is definitely something I want to do during my next trip to Patagonia.

  6. Antarctica has been on top of my bucket list for SO long, so I have to admit I’m just a tad bit jealous you went there! But it looks so amazing and incredible that it was such a peaceful and fulfilling trip for you. Good on you!

  7. Wow, congrats! you already visited 7 continents, that’s amazing and truly inspiring as traveler. I will take note of your tips when going to Antarctica, hopefully soon.

  8. Thanks for giving us motivation today! We have crossed the Arctic towards the North Pole and ever since have had Antarctica on our wish list too and get closer to the South Pole. Congratulations on accomplishing this goal. Its definitely is a big one 🙂

  9. This is an amazing adventure! I find it so funny that you are from such a hot place like India visiting a…fridge! You really go to extremes – good for you!

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