About Me

Traveled across SEVEN continents…

Hi, I am Indu. I am based in New Delhi, India.
From global cultural experiences to extreme thrills, hard to describe my all adventures & explorations. I have left my mark everywhere….

I have traveled all 7 continents; Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

Stopped counting countries now as list is getting bigger & bigger…

Traveled, extensively, within my home country, India, too. Right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. From Gaumukh(source of Ganges) to Gangasagar(Ganges merge into sea). From Ladakh himalayas to Andaman islands. All parts of India I have traveled.

I am a self made person. Since my childhood, I dreamed to travel around the world. However, my travel dreams got fully realized only because of my ample earnings in media career. Hectic years in journalistic domain, produced programs for largest Govt owned TV network and prominent private sector media houses. Extensive TV shoots in different cities and countless nights in studios. My career was a thrill, too.

But, my love for exploratory travel was so intense that I always managed travel breaks. So I was  journalist by profession, traveler by passion.

I left my high paying full time profession once I knew I had enough savings in my travel kitty to realize my sole goal of life travel to 7 continents and I got in avatar as the traveler, adventurer, explorer.

Every time, when I traveled to new destination, my friends would want to hear tales of my journey. On April 4, 2015, when I came back home, after trekking to Mt Everest Base Camp, my friends pushed me to document my rich travel experience and share with global audience. That’s how the idea of my travel blog germinated. Though my official name is Indra Kumari but my popular name is Indu. So this was obvious that I chose my blog title as Indu Travel Tales.

Being a journalist and being a traveler, it appeared to me a perfect combo to write my travel blog. Then, planning done, designing done, site uploaded and test run commenced, thereafter, ready to launch. Thus, my travel blog site www.indutraveltales.com was born on  May 28, 2015.