My Walking Spree In Bogota

Smiling faces. Ever ready to help me. This is how I would describe people of Colombia in continent South America. 

Though I could not grasp their Spanish, but I was grateful for their cheerful gestures. And their spirit of trust made me adore them. I was so amazed when my hostel did not accept payment while check in, telling me that they will charge the total amount at the time of check out only. I have traveled worldwide but never had experienced that before. Similarly for all the sightseeing tours, I took to travel in interiors of Colombia, the local travel agency did not charge in advance and took the payment on completion of tour. This experience made my travel to Colombia so unique.

After happiness quotient, now I am talking about my walking spree in Bogota and some intense moments of photography. Green and serene, with scenic hilly backdrop, Bogota is the capital of Colombia. Pleasant weather but unpredictable. One moment raining, other moment sunshine, such was my experience in beautiful Bogota. Sometime it used to get so cold, making me shiver. All the time I carried umbrella and light jacket, as was never sure of moody weather. But I enjoyed fully my long walks in woods. And equally unpredictable like Bogota weather as I had no specific plans for my walks. Just did all walks on instinct choosing unusual trails, anywhere and everywhere.

I did Bogota sightseeing tour in taxi with my ever smiling driver and English speaking guide. But being an addicted walker I cherished my walks most. Walks do not tire me, walks rejuvenate me. In between snacking to provide me much needed carbs for my ceaseless walk.

Also did short hike to Mt Montserrat, a revered shrine and an imposing landmark of Bogota. There are cable car and funicular options available for the shrine but even though it was getting cold and clouds covered the sky, announcing showers to me, still I preferred hike. Views were stunning on the way. I loved each bit of scenic vistas all around.

I traveled by road to many heritage sites of Colombia, in deep interiors, my experience to those amazing sites I will share in different posts, later.


  1. hi
    first time an article on bogota that i have read , i always imagined that it will not be as serene as u have said but maybe i did not know this as one generally reads news in between here and there

    fully agree with the concept of long walks , the sights n sounds that one sees are actually special



  2. I smiled as I read this post, I lived in Bogota for 3 months while I traveled through Colombia , I love this cold city so much. Did you get to explore up near La Candelaria, the laneways and amazing street art at all?

  3. Great pictures, even I love walking because in taxi you may miss the feel of place. I haven’t read much about Bogota, but surely South America is so unique that every country out there gives a different experience. 🙂

  4. I am sure you had such a wonderful and memorable experience walking, and you wont have the same rushing through the place in a taxi or bus. I believe that walking is one of the best ways to explore a place. Your pictures have come out beautiful

  5. The Bogota that the media portrays here is quite scary. Thanks for sharing this. Atleast now, I saw the beautiful side of this place. More power to your blog.

  6. Hi Indu! I can’t wait to read more of your posts from Colombia as the country is on my bucket list! It’s really surprising they are charging after the service, especially travel agents. It’s seems they trust people a lot. I’m with you on the walks, I much prefer walking than going somewhere by car. When I was in Georgia their idea of hiking was “let’s drive up there, and then you can walk 5 minutes to take a picture” – and it’s all about the journey, not the destination!

  7. Bogota looks absolutely fabulous. I am sure I will love my walks in this pretty city. The ever changing weather mood reminded me of Finland where they say “If you don’t like the weather, wait for 5 mins !”

  8. I didn’t know that Bogota was such a green city. It looks so pretty! I would probably take the cable car to go up the shrine and hike my way down.

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