My Inner Journey

Emotional inner journey is more challenging than the physical outer journey.

This realization came when I got hit hard by emotions and saw me helpless.
Delved in endless contemplation, relentless prayers and meditative practices to be in peace.
Eventually, I changed my perception and decided to experience the emotional flow as my
memorable inner journey, much like my global journeys.
At the onset of this year I curated creative route to weave my surging emotions and blend
them with my travel photographs. Sharing the same through this post.
MY INNER JOURNEY – New Year 01-01-19
MY INNER JOURNEY – Tryst with Pain 04-01-19
MY INNER JOURNEY – Ocean of Serenity 08-01-19
MY INNER JOURNEY – Fathom the Depth 12-01-19
MY INNER JOURNEY – Coveted Dreams 16-01-19
MY INNER JOURNEY – Inner Oneness 18-01-19
MY INNER JOURNEY – Effusive Vibrations 20-01-19
MY INNER JOURNEY – Halo of Faith 22-01-19
MY INNER JOURNEY – Valiant Warrior 24-01-19
MY INNER JOURNEY-Effervescence of Love 25-01-19
MY INNER JOURNEY – Blessed with Light 29-01-19
MY INNER JOURNEY – Treasured with Gratitude 30-01-19
MY INNER JOURNEY – Sprinkles of Joy 01-02-19
MY INNER JOURNEY – Life is Miracle 04-02-19
MY INNER JOURNEY – Luminous Vibes 05-02-19
MY INNER JOURNEY – Law of Change 11-02-19
MY INNER JOURNEY – Manifesting Love 14-02-19
MY INNER JOURNEY – Pain and Peace 18-02-19
MY INNER JOURNEY – Imbued with Gratitude 18-02-19
MY INNER JOURNEY – Inner Voice Awakens 23-02-19
MY INNER JOURNEY – Soul Intervention 01-03-19
MY INNER JOURNEY – Unfathomable 15-02-19


  1. Inspiring quotes, the inner journey is one of the most difficult ones to take, it makes a person get rid of all the walls he put up and he needs to come clean with himself, probably one of the hardest things to do.

  2. The best way to do deal with things in life is to let it out. Be emotional, and vocal and allow yourself to learn from the outcomes. It feels so good when you release it and can truly mediate in the power of it all.

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