At The Equator, Again.

I am at the equator, again. In Uganda, Africa. Enjoying beautiful weather. Giggling while stepping on the 0 latitude of earth. Straddling between North Pole and South Pole. Swinging. Swirling. Than walking straight.
Why am I so thrilled being at equator?
Why not?
Equator holds special position on this planet. And I feel special too being here.
First time when I posed at the equator in Ecuador, South America, I was ecstatic being in middle of the world. At that time I did not even think that I will be at the equator again, within a year, in Uganda. Such a wonderful coincidence.
Me at the equator in Ecuador, South America, earlier.
Straddling at the equator in Uganda, Africa, this year.
Everyone knows that equator is an imaginary line around the middle of earth between North Pole and
South Pole at the 0 degree latitude. It divides the whole world in northern hemisphere and Southern hemisphere.
But there are more interesting facts about equator I am sharing in this post below:
At equator day and night are equal throughout year. That means 12 hours each.
During spring and autumn equinox, twice a year, sun passes directly over equator.
Sunrise and sunset are fastest at equator.
Gravitational pull is weaker at the equator. Even walking on straight line is hard at equator as body loses balance.
Earth is widest at the equator.
It is said that astrologers view similar imaginary circle amid stars in sky which they call celestial equator. 
There are many myths too. I heard a story about rituals being performed in earlier times while crossing equator.
I crossed equator in Uganda after two hours drive from Kampala. There are many souvenir shops to make purchases related to equator. Few restaurants lined up if feeling hungry.
Equator stopover is a must if you are going for wildlife safaris. Else you can just have a day trip from Entebbe or Kampala if short of time and not planning any safari.
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