My Selfie moment At Golden Gate Bridge

Curiosity reigned the moment my tourist bus entered San Francisco. This was my first visit to San Francisco in California, USA. Golden Gate Bridge, I murmured. My eyes searched around. But the bridge not visible yet. I was surprised. That iconic bridge is so tall, why not in view? Got inquisitive, I had to find out, so went straight to tourist guide. And the reason turned out to be the hilly landscape of the city. I grinned

After few breezy turns and steep descent, my bus reached Fisherman’s Wharf, a popular tourist spot in San Francisco. And the best surroundings to view Golden Gate Bridge. I got delighted at the first glimpse of orange beauty, the phenomenal landmark of the city, Golden Gate Bridge. Went closer to the bridge. And that was my proud selfie moment, too, with Golden Gate Bridge in the backdrop.

Fisherman’s Wharf encompasses the scenic waterfront of San Francisco. I strolled along waterfront with Golden Gate Bridge in my constant vision.

To have a deeper look at Golden Gate Bridge, I opted for Golden Gate Bay cruise. It was a guided tour. Cruise offered great vistas of San Francisco, its bustling beach, Maritime water park and city skyline. Then sailing along Angel Island State Park to Alcatraz Island which housed historic federal prison in earlier times. Some parts of prison are well preserved even now. Further, passing through the merging waters of bay with ocean. But for me the highlight of the tour was crossing beneath the massive Golden Gate Bridge with a span of around 4200 ft. I was all excited while getting the real feel of Golden Gate Bridge. Cruise was truly a superb experience.

San Francisco is considered to be a foggy city year round. It is said that orange colour of  Golden Gate Bridge was finalized as this colour has good visibility even in fog.

Considered to be an engineering marvel of modern era, Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most clicked monument in the world. Even Hollywood movies are so tempted to showcase Golden Gate Bridge.


  1. I had no idea that the Golden Bridge is orange because of how foggy San Francisco is. I have never been there but I do have friends who visited and sent me photos with the bridge. It does look majestic indeed!

  2. How marvelous, Indu! I grew up visiting the Golden Gate, so to hear it from someone who is seeing it for the 1st time is as though I am seeing it for the 1st time too. Thank you for sharing this experience – indeed, it is magnificent! <3 Evelyn,

  3. What a gorgeous photo! I absolutely love that place, it’s really relaxing and beautiful! I would love to visit again soon.

  4. I have still never been to San Francisco, therefore, did not see the beautiful bridge! My husband went and had a lots of fog on that day so he couldn’t see the perfect red color 🙁

  5. San Francisco is high on my list of cities to visit, mainly because I want to go to AT&T Ballpark. ? I want to see the Golden Gate Bridge, of course. The tour sounds like a great idea!

  6. Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge from a boat would be such a cool and different experience. I have never been to San Francisco but I would love to visit one day.

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