Johannesburg-City Of Gold

Me discovering gold in a gold mine! What else you expect me to do in the city of gold, Johannesburg in South Africa.

My goodness, that heart throbbing experience, when I descended into the depths of gold mine, touched rocks, searched for those elusive specs of gold and then the sparkle of gold pour, unbelievable!

Gold pour

This all happened when I took the tour of Gold Reef City in Johannesburg. This 19th century gold mine was once the richest producer of gold, worldwide. In 70’s when mining cost escalated and profits dropped then Gold Reef City, shaft 14, stopped producing gold. At that time 30,000 miners were working in this shaft. This very gold mine shaft was put to use for conducting gold mine tours

Every visitor going underground gold mine had to wear hard hat, as meant to be worn by miners for safety purpose. Flash lights were also provided. Visitors having breathing problems were cautioned, as they might feel some uneasyness.

In Johannesburg, gold reef was discovered in year 1884. That was the beginning of gold rush era. Every detail related to gold mining was explained and all my queries, answered by mining tour guide, as I got inquisitive or may be my journalistic instincts stalk me everywhere I travel.

I had earlier, too, felt the enormity of gold while I was filming gold bricks for a corporate film. And, now seeing myself in gold mine, what a golden journey to behold.

After mine tour, I witnessed the processing of raw gold, with lot of impurities, then culminated  into pure gold. I tell you, there is nothing more fascinating than watching golden glow which  emanates from the molten gold, superb.

Other than the glamour of gold, tour of Gold Reef City imparted valuable information on miners’ history, through recreated miner shacks. Apart from this, there was a visual show, also. This way, I got a glimpse of miners’ living, their pattern of communication and other related aspects of their lives.

Before I sum up I will like to say that anyone who plans to visit Johanessburg, popularly   called as Joburg, must visit  Gold Reef City. It is a learning experience.


  1. Very interesting post. I’d like to visit South Africa, but it’s one of the countries I don’t want to go by myself. Where you there by yourself? I’m looking out for a travel buddy. Thanx for the inspiration – and happy travels.

  2. Reading this post next to the festival of dhanteras is such a blissful thing. I really liked the excitement on your face in the pictures shared. I have been to cape Town but now I realized I missed this awesome experience. Thank you for sharing details I’m noting it for my future travel.

  3. I think every traveler should experience how it is getting inside a mining tunnel.. I’ve been in the mining tunnels in Compostella Valley in my country, it’s an amazing experience!! Much better if I get the chance to see the 19th century gold mine in Johannesburg!!

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