Posing At The Middle Of The World

As you see my gleeful pic and then hear me say, “posing at the middle of the world.”
Your instant reaction could be that I am cracking some joke or having hallucination. Now let me tell you friends this is no delusion of mind. This happened in reality during my recent travel to Ecuador in South America. And my memorable moment, too, being at the Middle of the World.

Equator passes through Ecuador. This sight is located near Quito, the capital of Ecuador. In fact Ecuador got its name from equator itself. Mitad del Mundo in Spanish, which means Middle of the World, is marked as a monument to the equator, here. This is also the meeting point of both northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere on equator. Equator line has been prominently marked in yellow with both the hemispheres on either side. I stood at the exact location. Then swirled around and sat there. With my one foot on northern hemisphere and other on southern hemisphere I skipped between both hemispheres at the same time.
iiiMiddle of the World monument commemorates the French Geodesic Mission of 18th century which fixed the location of equator. This monument also houses a museum depicting the ethnography of Ecuador and many scientific discoveries of the world. The scientific displays are interactive so that visitors can grasp well. I saw even children were very enthusiastic about scientific learning in museum.

Monument of the Middle of the World is multi-story and visitors can climb to the top. To enter the monument full pass for ten US dollors has to be purchased. I did the same. Under clear sky the panorama from terrace, on top of monument, was fabulous. And I was quick to capture each view in my camera.

Hope you enjoyed being at the Middle of the World while reading my post.


  1. What a wonderful travel to be in the middle of the world’s equator, I must admit that I didn’t have any clue about this, didn’t even know that there’s this middle point (city) where hemisphere’s meet that’s so incredible to know. I just learn something today. thanks for this lovely post,! I did enjoy reading. happy travelling 🙂

  2. Interesting article and lovely photos. I’d like to go here just to have half of my body in the southern hemisphere and the other in the northern!

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