Reveling with Masai

As famous warriors, Masai is the predominant nomadic tribe of Kenya in Africa. Even in modern times they proudly carry their old customs. They still live in mud houses plastered with animal dung. In fact whole area they inhabit is covered in smelly dung. Then making fire in traditional way. And dark rooms with just a hole filtering natural light inside. I was very surprised seeing them cook dinner inside without proper light. I would say that whole living pattern of Masai was unique to witness.

Before I forget I must tell you that I had the privilege of being honored when they welcomed me with headgear of Masai chief on my head. I was overwhelmed. This post is the pictorial treat of Masai village.

Masai people have peculiar way of singing and dancing that does not comprise any instrument. So lyrical with rhythmic moves.Tales of warriors and tales of love, dominate their songs. Very audible and pleasing to hear. Their dance form comprise of circular moves with intervening slow and fast steps comprising dash of jumps in peculiar body postures.

My joyous moments with Masai tribe in Masai Mara village. I danced with them. I sang with them. I share my revelry with Masai through this post.



This was my illustrative post on my visit to Masai village in Kenya. I hope you enjoyed Masai experience through my post as much as I enjoyed being there.

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