Merry Christmas

Christmas day, today. The day when God Jesus Christ was born. The day of celebrations. And prayers.

I feel blessed that I have visited the holy birth place of Jesus in Bethlehem. On this auspicious day I have great honor in sharing my blessings with all.

Being spiritual person I had great reverence for the sacred figure of Jesus. Always wished to visit the sacred spots in Bethlehem and Jerusalem. It was a divine touch for me, when I placed my palm on the holy star that signifies the birth place of Jesus, in the Church of the Nativity, in Bethlehem.

When I visited the Church of the Nativity, it was all religious and spiritual fervor everywhere. Many pilgrims were singing in praise of Jesus. Others were silently offering prayers. Few got very emotional, I saw tears flowing down their cheeks.

Felt blessed while touching holy star in Church of Nativity, Bethlaham
Felt blessed while touching holy star in Church of Nativity, Bethlaham

I entered through the low doorway leading to the church compound with multiple rows of pillars. Then followed long queue to enter the most venerated place. It took around four hours till I finally got to the Alter in the Church of the Nativity. Gold chandelier adorned the altar. Through stairway beneath the main altar I reached the grotto. And  kept my palm on the 14 pointed silver star embedded in white marble with the Latin inscription Hic De Virgine Maria Jesus Christus Natus Est-1717 (Here Jesus Christ was born to the Virgin Mary-1717). I wished to stay longer but could not as there is very little place inside grotto and so many pilgrims were waiting behind me. That divine moment touched my soul.

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