Prague-The City Of Love

You heard me right. I am talking of Prague not Paris. Till now you might be calling Paris ‘the city of love’. Now by the time you will finish reading, you may reconsider your opinion.

The capital of Czech Republic, Prague possesses all the ingredients what lovers seek in Paris, France. Romantic corners, Czech beer and plenty of nightlife options plus the love lock tradition still thriving in Prague but under serious threat in Paris.

In love lock tradition, sweethearts secure padlock to a bridge and throw keys in river. That way they believe they have sealed their love which will not fade away.

In Prague there is a tragic tale attached to lovers bridge, that says two lovers from prominent Czech families were all set to meet at lovers bridge to seal their love.
Unfortunately before they could meet they were killed.

Love locks
Love locks

Couples from all over the world come at lovers bridge to put padlock as token of love. Some locks have initials and messages engraved in beautiful colours.

Scenic surroundings
Scenic surroundings

May be I did not had any such plan to fasten a padlock on lovers bridge while being in Prague. But I certainly wanted to stand witness to that fascinating bridge which I did. And admired the scenic surroundings around bridge.

High end shopping street
High end shopping street

One more thing, in which Prague is catching up fast with Paris, that is the love for fashion. And that may be the logic behind naming city’s high end shopping street as Paris Street. Lined up with luxury brands and resembling the popular shopping street of Paris. Many fashion shows and music concerts are organized in Paris Street of Prague. This street leads to the famous old town square of Prague.

While loitering in and around Paris Street I did lot of ‘window shopping’ my favorite shopping activity.


  1. It’s crazy how every bridge in Europe is being turned into Love locks by putting the locks! I honestly feel it destroys the beauty of architecture.

  2. I can understand people thinking padlocks ruin the architecture, but think of cave paintings. Did they not do the same? And now we study the paintings to learn more about the history. These padlocks are just another form of history! And I think it’s quite beautiful!

  3. I think the symbol behind the padlocks are very romantic and beautiful. I also think just like the bridge, the padlocks turn into an art that enhances the beauty of the bridge. Imagine in a hundred years, those padlocks still attached to the bridge as symbols of past love.

  4. This place looks so pretty like a paradise. I am so impressed by your profile. How did you manage to travel all over the world? Great site and great blog. I always love to visit you!

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