End Of The World

Seeing the title I know you have guessed wrong. Let me correct you, this is not a Hollywood movie title. And this is not any astrological prediction either. End Of The World is a nickname assigned to the  southernmost city of the world, Ushuaia. Nestled amongst picturesque settings of Andes mountains and Beagle channel, Ushuaia is also the gateway to Antarctic expeditions.

My early morning flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia took around four hours. At 9 am in morning I reached my hotel Altos, which offered splendid vistas of the city. With magnificent  mountains in backdrop, vast expanse of sea in front and dense forests perfected the landscape of Ushuaia.

There were many sightseeing tours available to choose from. But in the last town of the world, I wanted to do something different. Some quick bites of snacks with coffee and I planned to  explore the city like a wanderer. And without a plan. Just kept walking in different directions of the city to have the real feel of interiors.

Ushuaia city view
Ushuaia panorama

In late evening back to hotel, had meal and slept early. Only to find me awake at midnight. Daylight filtered through curtains. I glanced through window and to my amazement it was bright day outside. Looked at watch, just 2am. It seemed as if there was no night in Ushuaia. I got a crazy idea. Wrapped myself in extra layer of woollens, as Ushuaia weather is quite chilly even in summer. I left for hiking in dense Patagonian forest. Luckily my hotel was situated on that side.

Ushuaia forests
Ushuaia forests
Wood houses in forest
Wood houses in forest

Just me and my camera, on the adventure. Crisscrossing trails, snow capped mountain peaks, beautiful wood houses in dense forest and scenic panorama of city. All looked fabulous under colourful lights shimmering from sky. Every few minutes colours in the horizon changed. And I was quick to capture all in my camera.

Sunlit mountain peaks
Sunlit mountain peaks

At 6am I was back in hotel. And went on to sleep again. At 10am after breakfast I left on my last leg of hiking spree, towards downtown and port side.

This was Ushuaia, the End Of The World, through my eyes.

Sixth continent traveled. Now I will embark on my journey to seventh continent.


  1. Amazing photo’s and what an awesome adventure. I like the idea of setting off on a walking trip without knowing a planned route or what to expect. The wooden houses are gorgeous!

  2. Whoa! This place looks fascinating… and how could you not want to go with a name like that? Thanks for sharing, I don’t think I would’ve ever heard of this!

  3. This is fantastic. I was unaware that the city closest to the antarctic had expeditions that go there. It makes sense. Thanks for sharing your view.

  4. Wow I really love how I knew new places in blogs I read everyday. Ushuaia is a very new word in my ear I dont even know the fact that its the end of the world lol first I thought its like a prediction but its in fact an existing place in the edge of world. How nice insight!

  5. When I was in school I read this beautiful book about two friends dreaming of going to Ushuaia by a schooner. When one of them disappears, the other builds the ship and goes looking for him, to the end of the world. Ever since I dreamed of visiting Ushuaia. I have been to Argentina last year but I’ve only made it to the North of Patagonia. I didn’t want to go to Ushuaia without taking a cruise to Antarctica as well.

  6. You’re right, I did totally think that this post was going to be about the end of the world because of some sort of catastrophic disaster LOL. I’m glad it’s not, because this place looks amazing and I’d love the chance to go and see it at some point in my lifetime x

  7. I was slightly concerned when I read the title and this is not what I expected haha. Your photos are so beautiful and this sounds like so much fun!

  8. Wow Ushuaia really does look like the end of the world, and it sounds it too, daylight at 2am!? I bet that felt so crazy. It’s wonderful you got to explore this part of the world!

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