Panoramic Gaudier – My Antarctica Odyssey

I have seen many natural wonders world wide.  But  continent Antarctica amazed me. Every island in white continent is a natural wonder. Every island has a story to tell. Every island is a beauty, par excellence.

Gaudier Island beauty par excellence
Beauty of Gaudier Island

Nourishing  my senses with its sumptuous views, this was my visit to panoramic Gaudier Island. Magnificent mountains and chiselled icebergs all around. Penguins showing their rightful dominance. Every sight of the island was exultant for me.

Chinstrap penguins
Chinstrap penguins

Gaudier Island is home to Chinstrap and Gentoo penguins. Other than on rocks I spotted few penguins nesting at a cemented structure. Snuggled up to each other. I captured that bond of belongingness in my camera.  Surprisingly penguins on Gaudier Island liked proximity with humans. Unlike other islands where they were not very comfortable with human presence. Here penguins wanted to be friends with human.

Panoramic Gaudier Island
Panoramic Gaudier Island

I share my joyous experience. I walked along glaciated shore of Gaudier Island. Suddenly I noticed one adorable penguin strutting alongside me. I slowed. He inched closer to me. I stopped. He stopped. I smiled and he shyly left. My group members, at a little distance behind me, had been watching my moments with penguin. They were so delighted having witnessed such rare occurrence when penguin wanted to mingle with human.

Chinstrap penguins sharing space with snowy Sheathbill
Chinstrap penguins and snowy Sheathbill

Varied hikes were planned on Gaudier Island. I always enjoy hiking in leisurely manner, at my pace, observing surroundings, feeling and appreciating each creation of nature.  While relishing island vistas, I spotted cute Chinstrap penguins and snowy Sheathbill together sharing the space, lovingly, in a corner.

Glaciated formations
Glaciated formations

At Gaudier Island, I noticed huge glaciated layers in strange formations. Perhaps that was due to the melting process caused by summer heat. Though surprisingly I felt no heat. I was still feeling the sting of icy wind in Antarctica summer.


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