Walking In Clouds

One stellar performance with a splash of red. Dancers in folk costumes looked like fairies. With shimmering Pearl at the backdrop. Whole feel was alluring to me. I was a pleased spectator.

Such entertainment and other festivities I relished when I visited the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, China. Being there on a Chinese holiday, I was in for rare treat. Pearl Tower is a popular venue for various performances and concerts taking place at the tower precinct, from time to time.

Me at the Oriental Pearl Tower
Me at the Oriental Pearl Tower

The Oriental Pearl Tower is an architectural wonder made of steel spheres of various sizes. True to its name, these silvery spheres appear perfectly like pearls placed on a saucer. Enormous Pearl Tower is supported by three columns which enhance the beauty of tower. I have visited many look out towers, world over, but I found Pearl Tower different. The striking design and unique concept of the Oriental Pearl Tower lends it artistic beauty.

The Oriental Pearl Tower is a TV tower situated at Pudong Park of Shanghai. Tower has three sightseeing spheres offering different city vistas. First sphere of tower at 90 ft accommodates Science Fantasy World. Second sphere at 263 ft is very popular for its transparent floor and revolving restaurant considered to be second highest in Asia. Third and highest one at 350 mt is called Space Module.

Me at the transparent sphere of the Pearl Tower
Me at the transparent sphere of the Oriental Pearl Tower

I found second sphere exciting.  When I walked on the transparent floor with transparent glass walls, I felt as if I was walking in the clouds. The whole experience was titillating for me. Even the all transparent elevator, being used for ascending or descending the tower, was an enjoyable experience. Moreover, the elevator attendant made the elevator ride educative by stating many facts about the Pearl Tower. This elevator offers 360 degree panorama of the city.

Transparent sphere of the Oriental Pearl Tower
Transparent sphere of the Oriental Pearl Tower

Basement of the Oriental Pearl Tower houses the Municipal History Museum of Shanghai. As soon as I stepped in the museum I felt like entering in ancient Shanghai. Museum has vivid displays of pictures, relics, documents, audio visual presentations and lifelike creations depicting history of Shanghai. Even antique products, belonging to the old period of Shanghai, were also exhibited.  I was extremely impressed with the detailing of modelled street scenes. Ancient Shanghai’s transformation into modern Shanghai, social life, city life, political changes, all got mirrored in lively displays and digital show. Very informative, in few hours I traveled through the centuries old Shanghai to modern Shanghai.

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