A Royal Dip-My Kumbh Journey:2

After twelve years, Kumbh is being held in Trimbakeshwar, Nasik in India, between July 14 to Sep 25, 2015. Taking holy dip in Kumbh is believed to be the door to salvation.

In Kumbh there are four auspicious days identified for Shahi Snan (royal dip). These four days for royal dip are very significant from religious point of view. All saints participating in Kumbh are privileged to take royal dip prior to devotees. And they do it with style.

Shahi Snan is a big celebration for saints and devotees. Night before royal dip, whole area is illuminated for the big day. Such a beautiful sight to savor.

Road illuminated for Royal Dip procession
Road illuminated for royal dip at Kumbh

I was told that procession for second royal dip will take place early in the morning at 3am. I did not want to miss any moment of the fabulous procession. I was super quick. Reached procession spot before time. Chariots decked beautifully with flowers and religious preachers sitting gloriously there. Devotees singing divine chants and dancing with fervour, truly a treat to eyes.

Procession for Royal Dip at Kumbh
Procession for royal dip at Kumbh

This is the established tradition of Kumbh that Naga Sadhus (the ascetics) are the ones who take royal dip even before other saints and holy men do. They are considered to be the holiest of all saints. They are revered by all.

Naga Sadhus (the ascetics)
Naga Sadhus (the ascetics) the first ones entitled for royal dip at Kumbh

I participated in royal dip on Shahi Snan day but my perception of such holy dip was different. I did not bathe in sacred pool but had highest regard for this ancient tradition. I took few drops of holy water from sacred pool and applied on my forehead. That way I felt spiritual vibrations touching my soul.

Devotees at sacred pool for Royal Dip, Trimbakeshwar, Nasik, India
Devotees at sacred pool for royal dip at Kumbh

It was amazing to see the magnitude of devotees revel in Kumbh festivities. I could see devotees from all parts of India. A perfect glimpse of united India at one place. It was wonderful to see everyone helping out each other. I participated in Kumbh for the first time. Now I proudly say that I had a memorable time at Kumbh.

Other than Kumbh, Trimbakeshwar is a famous pilgrimage of Lord Shiva. Though there were very long queues for the temple but I was blessed that I could manage to go inside temple pray to Lord Shiva.

My Kumbh journey continues….

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