Colors Of Divinity-My Kumbh Journey:3

I captured beautiful colors of divinity during my Kumbh visit to Trimbakeshwar, Nasik in India, my home country. There were holy men all around from different religious institutions. There were  saints and sages. There were preachers and renouncers. All attired in significant colors, as decided upon by either respective sects or by individuals to grant them a distinct look and identity. Though majority were saffron clad saints. But there were differently dressed sages too.  A  pretty picture indeed.

Fakirs(renouncers) in Kumbh
Fakirs(renouncers) in Kumbh

The purpose behind my Kumbh visit was spiritual.  I was always intrigued by the lives of saints and renouncers, desired to meet them and know about them. My this long pending wish got accomplished in Kumbh.

Saints at mealtime in Kumbh
Saints at mealtime at one Akhara in Kumbh

I met few saints in caves on higher reaches of Trimbakeshwar. I met mahants, swamiji (holy men) from different ashrams and akharas (religious institutions) to seek out more on the significance of  Kumbh.  I was also curious to know their views on religion, spirituality and humanity. They were gracious enough to let  me spend ample time with them, raise my points and discuss in detail.

Me visited a spiritual cave
Me visited a spiritual cave

I interacted with many sages and saints. My conversations with them did broaden my thoughts on universal force. I observed saints and preachers closely. Few  were highly educated. Here I will  mention swami Subodhanand from Varanasi. He is Acharya (post graduate) and possesses  deep knowledge of Hindu scriptures. He has his ashram in Varanasi. I met sadhvi (lady saint) Premlata Giri, Mahamandleshwar of Niranjani Akhara, a high ranking saint and very knowledgeable. She went into depth while describing sainthood in Hindu religion. I also discussed in detail with Yogi Yoganand Giri from Haridham Sanathan  Seva Trust.

Me with swami Subodhanand
Yogi Yoganand Giri
Yogi Yoganand Giri

I have no exaggeration in saying that my discussions with holy men were very fruitful. I found most of them very learned and witty. They were blessed with divinity. I may not be fully enlightened after my interactions with saints and sages but I am richer, spiritually.  And I am a happier person today.

My Kumbh Journey continues…

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