Mission Accomplished-Everest Base Camp Trek:9

The big day of my life. I was following the trail set off by legendary Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa in year 1953.  And felt the pulse of a climber within me. My long cherished dream of trekking to Everest Base Camp was going to be realized soon.

Trekking route from Lobuche to Everest Base Camp goes via Gorek Shep. Trail was easier to traverse in comparison with previous day’s trek.  It took around three hours to reach Gorek Shep.  After trekking to Everest Base Camp all trekkers had to come back to Gorek Shep for night halt. As I got to know from guide trek to Everest Base Camp and back required around six hours. Time was short, moreover, weather was getting rough. Everyone had to hurry after having early lunch.

Khumbu glacier, Everest Base Camp
Khumbu glacier, Everest Base Camp

While trekking to Everest Base Camp, I was in dreamy state of mind. The excitement of trekking alongside famed Khumbu glacier made my heart racing. High altitude  trekking at 17,000 ft was very tough. And got tougher while trekking through glacial moraine and treacherous rocks. At one point a little slip, almost about to fall deep down and losing my limbs. Above that snow storm to endure and visibility near zero. A perfect thriller script!

And the much awaited epic moment arrived. I was part of the  great climbers’ legacy, unbelievable! I was at the Everest Base Camp, God. My mission accomplished.

I felt so contented and so blissful.  Those moments are hard to describe here. It is a feel I still treasure within me.

Lucky me, at base camp weather got better, so visibility improved. I was spellbound at the breathtaking panorama of Everest Base Camp. At an altitude of 17,598 ft, with low oxygen level and the life risk involved at icefall, did not deter me from wandering around. I stepped in Khumbu icefall as longed to see myself on the route climbers take to scale mighty Mt Everest. All those unforgettable moments captured in camera, I get bit emotional every time I look at. Even while writing I am getting little carried away.

Me with Rahul & Bob, Everest Base Camp
Me with Rahul & Bob, Everest Base Camp

On my way back to Gorek Shep I was just living my time I spent at Everest Base Camp. Once  I reached my lodge, I realised I was fully covered with snow. Lodge lady came rushing to me and helped me with my raincoat. She instructed a person to dry my raincoat and dragged a chair to make me sit near fireplace. For a while I sat there but felt drowsy so  went to my room. I had not slept previous night for my excitement to trek to Everest Base Camp. Now, my desire fulfilled, I was very calm and went in slumber. Only to be woken up to order my dinner. I said veg noodles and slept again, but had to wake up when dinner served.

At dinner table my trekking partner John attributed his trek success to me by saying “Indra because of you I am here”. I was overwhelmed by his graceful gesture. My few tips on his medical condition came handy for him but it was his strong will which ultimately made him reach Everest Base Camp.

MY Adventures continue…..

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