Golden Prague

My romance with Golden Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, started with my road journey to Prague. All around mustard fields in full bloom, seemed like a landscape painting on huge canvas, offering a golden treat to savour.

There are many tales attached to the naming of Prague as Golden City. It is said, that Prague was named as Golden Prague during the rule of Czech emperor Charles IV. At that time towers of Prague Castle were all covered in gold.

Other story says that city was named Golden Prague during the reign of emperor  Rudolf II who employed alchemists. Alchemists term was used  for people, who were believed to be knowing  some innovative chemical process, to convert ordinary metals into gold.

Golden Lane
Golden Lane Prague

Presently, there is a Golden Lane in the complex of Prague Castle, where all the alchemists were, supposedly,  given tiny spaces to live. While I roamed around in lane, I heard more stories, further, deepening the mystery of Golden Lane. Whatever may had been the truth, but one fact is undeniable that Golden Lane is very much there, well preserved as Prague heritage, and a must to visit place for tourists.

Museum Golden Lane Prague

Adding up to city’s Golden attribution, Prague is also called the Golden City Of Hundred Spires. Spires are the pointed structures seen on top of churches.

When I looked from high ground, these spires  offered breathtaking panorama with a golden feel. May be, that had been the reason to name the city as Golden Prague.

My golden discovery of Prague ended with the magnificent Golden Gate, which is the southern entrance to St Vitus Cathedral, adorned with gilded mosaic representing the Last Judgement.

PRAGUE TALE continues…….

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