Path To Enlightenment-My Spiritual Quest:5

Mt Kailash in Tibet is the most revered Hindu pilgrimage of God Shiva, the creator of the universe, as per Hindu mythology

For Buddhists, too, Mt Kailash is equally holy and worshipped as the pivot of the universe. 

Mt Kailash view
Mt Kailash view

My solo Trek to Charan Sparsh and beyond was extremely challenging. There was no defined path, just the rolling stones scattered everywhere. I had to balance my each step with caution or, else, I would fall down in deep gorge.

Stepping over loose scree was so tricky that at one point I even thought of giving up on ascending further. Undecided, I stopped, took a deep breath, surrendered to Shiva and recharged myself with the thought that I was on the path to enlightenment so I have to keep moving.

View of Charan Sparse
View of Charan Sparsh

And that blessed moment arrived. I was standing face to face with mt Kailash, touching feet and embracing God. This was not my imagination anymore. Instantly, I felt magnetic power of Shiva and felt like being an inseparable part of Kailash Shiva. I stayed there for sometime, meditating, wanted to stay long but I realized my guide will get worried for my safety. I looked at mt Kailash with teary eyes and left.

My descend from Charan Sparsh
My descend from Charan Sparsh

Fully engrossed in my thoughts of Kailash Shiva, I completed my descend as sort of sprinting while chanting Shiva prayer. Soonafter joined my guide Babu. He was very relieved to see me back totally safe and sound. He was amazed at my energy and complimented me that I completed my trek in record low time. 

My return journey to Kathmandu had been all about pleasant memories except one sad incident that one female traveler had severe paralytic attack and was admitted in Kathmandu hospital. Her husband was with her. One Sherpa stayed back in hospital to help them out.

Next  day I boarded my flight to Delhi with lots of Kailash Mansarovar tales to be narrated to my family and friends.

Days passed, months passed but the soulfull connect of Kailash Mansarovar did not fade a bit. I had a spiritual quest while embarking on this divine journey and I did experience mystical  feel at mt Kailash and Mansarovar lake. All alive in me. And etched deep in my soul.

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